Bluetooth Solutions

Excelpoint starts to develop Bluetooth Solutions since 2001. Beside the standard solutions such as Bluetooth Headset and Handset, Excelpoint provides our customers a lot of innovative solutions. Below are the examples of popular ones:

1. Advanced Bluetooth Handfree Car Kit

Advanced Bluetooth Handfree Car Kit allows the users to make handfree call in the car. It provides Name Announcement, Voice Interface and Phonebook synchronization. The brand customers in Europe and US use our solutions via our ODM partners.

2. Touch Bluetooth Headset

Touch Bluetooth Headset allows the users to use the headset intuitively by touching and sliding. It can detect in-ear and gripping automatically. The global brand uses our solution.

3. Bluetooth DECT Phone

Excelpoint develops Bluetooth solution for DECT Phone manufacturer. It allows DECT Phone to connect with Cell Phone. At the home, user can use DECT Handset to answer and make the call via Cell Phone. The global brand uses our solution.

4. Bluetooth iPod/iPhone Docking

Bluetooth iPod/iPhone Docking can support bluetooth music stream and handfree beside the standard docking function.

5. BlueCAP SDK

BlueCAP SDK allows the device developers to enable Bluetooth functionality. It is widely used in PND and Car Audio products.