New 3W AC/DC mini power supplies for Smart Home applications

Modern home automation solutions are finding their way more often into contemporary building installations, but many electronic controllers and sensors require an efficient DC supply rather than the 115VAC/230VAC available from the socket.

With the RAC03-SCR/277 series, RECOM brings regulated mini power supplies onto the market that are designed to fit behind standard wall outlets. Due to their round and flat shape, it is possible to implement simple and quick Smart Home solutions without extensive renovation works. The only 11mm thick disks can be easily mounted behind switch-plates or within wall boxes. Thus, DC voltage can be also available from the wall socket which is very useful for many home automation applications.

The new 3W mini power supplies achieve an excellent efficiency of up to 78%. With the wide input voltage range of 85 to 305VAC, they can be used worldwide. Output voltages of 3.3, 5, 12 or 24VDC with currents from 900mA to 125mA are available. With a stand-by power consumption of only 40mW, the mini power supplies are particularly energy-saving and consume less than a twelfth of the requirements of the EuP directive. The modules have an 3kVAC isolated output and operate reliably in ambient temperatures up to +85℃. They are ideal for use in home and office as well as for a variety of applications in building automation, security systems and communication systems. The warranty period is 3 years.


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